The Girl from Phantasia (OVA Review)


The Girl from Phantasia (aka just Fantasia) is a little known anime, and for good reason. I will basically spoil the whole thing for you, because it’s only one episode long and it isn’t even worth the twenty minutes of your time. However, if you are curious to see just how long the generic harem conventions have been at work for, this is certainly evidence of a concept that expired decades ago, despite being still used today.

The show (which was released in the US in 93) starts off with annoying high school boy Akihiro tripping over a carpet lying in a pile of trash. He takes it with him, thinking that if he puts it on the floor in his room that the girl he likes from school will make out with him on it (because what is hotter than romance on a dirty carpet you just found off the street). Low and behold, the carpet is actually a portal to another world where a magical pink-haired girl named Malon comes out and instantly loves Akihiro because he’s a human that has compassion (despite the fact that he is really an asshole).

When I took the VHS for this anime off the shelf at the store it was very dusty.

So this girl can use magic and fly around and uses her powers to make it so that Akihiro’s mom thinks they’re cousins. Then the girl Akihiro likes from school, Michiko, shows up and becomes enraged with jealousy at the sight of Akihiro with some mysterious pink-haired woman. Right before she runs off, she exclaims in the subtitles “…sex fiends!”

Then Malon reads Akihiro’s mind and makes a bunch of desserts (such as cake) appear out of nowhere, and this makes Akihiro mad so he hits her and calls her a “brainless bitch”. Then he starts yelling at her and she backs up frightened and accidentally falls over the balcony (but she can fly, so it’s all good).  Akihiro says he doesn’t like her for using magic and Malon runs off crying, exclaiming to herself that she will never use magic again!

Then this guy named Roll comes out of nowhere and chases Malon around while trying to kill her. After this, two more magical girls come out of the carpet in front of Akihiro. Like in Ah! My Goddess, there is a young little-sister one and a sexy older one. The sexy one is named Short.

After Malon continues to escape Roll, she of course runs to the tall building that has not yet been built all the way (but no one in sight is even working on it… or around it… or anywhere in the general area). The other magical girls show up to stop Roll, but it turns out that Roll is more powerful than both of them combined and he blasts them off (team rocket style). Eventually, Akihiro shows up and tells Malon that he still likes her and she can use magic so Malon uses her powers to blast off Roll.

The next day at school, Malon turns up there wearing a uniform and starts smothering Akihiro as Michiko looks on jealously. THE END.

As the back of the VHS says: “When you live in a magic carpet… life can be a stitch!”


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