I think at this point Tanya the Evil has more or less become the show that I wanted all along. 

When the first promo image and synopsis were released, it was easily the number one show that I was looking forward to for the winter 2017 anime season. The concept is weird, and in my opinion when it comes to art it’s good to be weird. I want things to stand out. Once the first episode of Tanya aired I think most of us were thrown off because of the fact that it was not reflective of what the promotional and press releases had promised.

However, in retrospect, fitting all of the episodes until this point together is really shaping the story. That’s not to say this is at masterpiece level, because the moral standpoint could still go off the rails and the supporting characters need more work, but Tanya is finally realizing it’s potential. It’s a show about a viciously self-righteous asshole sentenced to life as a little blond girl in a fictional war-torn world and it’s using this setup to bring together anime’s popular elements of cuteness and hard-edge violence. Right now, at episode eight, the ethical dilemma is starting to warp into something more interesting. I think this is because the point of view is from the person who has accepted this path as being right while the creators of the show itself may have something else to say, more in lines with the solider featured in the most recent episode. It looks like the supporting characters are coming to terms with how twisted Tanya is and how the world she’s trying to control is possibly even more messed up.


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