Ben-to (Anime review)


Anime is an art form with a lot of weird premises. Yurikuma, for example, is about bears attacking an all-girls school. It presented what happens when this tactic of including an outlandish idea is utilized in the right way. Another show with a strange setup is Rio Rainbow Gate, which involves fan service and magic battles with characters based off of pachinko games (needless to say, the writing wasn’t very good for Rio). Even something as nostalgic as Ranma can be considered incredibly strange to many people when they first get into anime. In the twelve episode television series from 2011 called Ben-to, the plot is propelled by the idea that high school students are brutally fighting each other within convenience stores, in typical shonen style, for half-priced packaged meals. The beginning of Ben-to seems to be an odd choice, but it grabs attention.

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